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The PAGE system – Bringing simple values back

What value does the PAGE System bring to our lives and

our work environment?

Cross-cutting values- bring people together and take teams further – The PAGE System

The PAGE System is a cross-cutting values-based system that is simple to use, grows teams and builds relationships.

I was introduced to the PAGE System, when a motivational speaker from Standard Bank, shared it with the matriculants when my daughter graduated from high school over 20 odd years ago.

This values-based system, that when consistently practised, allows you to achieve in whatever area you choose. I can personally say that this has worked for me over the years and that everyone should practise it and teach their children, grandchildren, and other people they come across during their life journey.

The principles of this system, relates back to being a caring person.

A caring person takes care of others as well as themselves. They have human beings at heart and want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Just imagine if the whole world cared so much about people – how happy it would be. You have a chance to contribute to this challenge, by putting the PAGE System concept in your heart and practising it every single day.

So then, let’s take a look at what the PAGE System is all about.

Remember, I said it was simple and it truly is.

Each letter in the word PAGE stands for an action that you need to activate, in your life and consider daily, for change to be seen in the environments you are in. This could be your home environment, your work environment, your church environment, your social environment, in fact, any environment where people relationships are being built.

P        =         Personalisation.

Make everyone feel special.

How do we make everyone feel special? By being personal when speaking to them. Pay attention to people and listen deeply.

A good example would be; to use the person’s name clearly when thanking them for something.        

“Thank you, Jane for bringing my tea to my desk, it is really appreciated”

You have now helped “Jane” to realise that she is known by name, and is being appreciated for what she does.

A     =        Attitude.

Always have the right attitude or approach when dealing with people.

Your attitude will set the tone for the response you are going to get.

You only have to take a look at your own home or work environment, to see what happens when people respond with the right attitude or not.

Aggression is not the right attitude to use when you are building a relationship – in fact at any time when speaking to people.

The biblical quote*, “a soft answer turns away wrath”, is very true – how can you argue or remain angry with someone who answers with kindness or gentleness, at every point in the conversation?

*Proverbs 15:1

G      =        Gratitude.

You need to show gratitude, for big things and small things, anything positive that affects you.

Sometimes, we only say thank you for the big things done, those things that can be clearly observed, almost obvious, like your husband putting extra shelves in the broom closet.

Small things and routine things also need acknowledging, besides, if you want to build a good relationship, it is important to say thank you for the small, almost unseen things. An example would be, your husband opening the car door for you, or pulling your chair out for you when you sit down for dinner.

What about, a gentle touch or a bright smile, that brings a pleasure or joy to someone.

Even if you have a bonus written in your work contract, saying thank-you cements the working relationship.

E     =        Effort.

Always go the extra mile. Whilst, I cannot remember the full story given by the Standard Bank man during the graduation mentioned above, the impact on me was huge. Over the years I have often thought about what it means to go the extra mile. Well, it certainly doesn’t just mean doing your job well or to standard. (You have to go beyond that)

As I see it, going the extra mile is when you take time to help someone, with great care, paying attention to their needs at the time, and doing all you can and more, to achieve what needs to be achieved, with the least possible stress and the most kindness.

Which customer, or friend or family member wouldn’t want to build a relationship with someone like that?

I guess, that the bottom line is this – you are either choose to be a caring person or you don’t.

Get your copy of our PAGE System Poster – as a reminder to yourself or as a Toolbox Talk Poster for your team.

Can you become a caring person? Yes, you can. It may take some PAGE System practice, but it is achievable.

As I write this blog, we are in lockdown in South Africa, and what better time than now, to develop “PAGE System” relationships – relationships that last.

The importance of these values in the workplace goes without saying – a workforce built on a caring foundation is immeasurable in importance. It builds a team that grows and achieves together.

Shân Cade

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