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How effective is your administration?

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Effective administration is often not even thought about in businesses.

The question we always like to ask business owners and managers is- “How much is poor administration costing you each month?”

We have yet to find a company or organisation that can accurately answer us. Actually, we are yet to find an organisation that has fully effective administration, it’s why we created the CLIP system.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

How does your organisation manage its administration? And if you are not paying much attention to it –

How are you managing your risk?

Are you managing your cost?

What about managing your consistency?

How are you managing your continuity?

and how are you ensuring customer service excellence?

So, if you do not know how much your administration is costing you or what is the most effective method of administration for the job, you cannot do any of this effectively or to your organisation’s benefit. The businesses benefit to the customer is lost. You will not have effective administration and you will miss out on its many benefits.

Administration can easily become a costly exercise, especially if it is not done well or done without thought.

CLIP System to the rescue…Creating effective administration systems that save you time and money. As a result, improving productivity, reducing frustrations and increasing profit.

Effective administration - CLIP system -Administration efficiency

Having a poor administration system combined with inadequately skilled people is a dangerous place to be.

Choose the CLIP System

So, let us take a look, propose a way forward, implement the CLIP system (Checklists for improved profitability) and monitor it for a time. (Monitoring- allows it to become an established part of your organisation.)

Knowing where your organisation stands concerning its “Administrative system cost” is incredibly valuable. Most importantly because it can save you so much money and time.

We start the consultations with a thorough review of where you stand. So you can start putting monetary values to your administrative system. This can be quite a shocker. We then develop a way forward that helps you not to waste money and time on poor administration.

We specialise in administrative systems, effective workflow, job processes and efficiency – working to help you do your job well.

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Mike Long - Testimonial

Mike Long

Risk Manager- Barlows

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Secretary – EEASA
(Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa)

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Neeraj Bhardwaj

CEO – Ecstasy Consultants

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